Don’t settle for ‘mediocre’ and ‘standard’ printing services for your band merch. Your fans deserve the best so let's work together to make your merch as unique and as sick as your music is! 

With experience in Screen, Vinyl and DTG Printing we can recommend the best print options for your merch as well as offering to do all the work for you. We offer services in printing in bulk as well as print-on-demand services, which means you go off and do what you do best and play to the masses, while we do all the printing and posting for you. Then you get paid at the end of the month, simple. 

Cherry Dog Apparel is independent and yearns to give back to the music community we love so much, so we look forward to hearing from you! 

Check out and download our brochure linked below for all the 'how it works' information. We can always send you a print sample as well as a physical brochure too. 

  • We set you up in our "Artist Collection" section

  • You advertise on socials and at gigs and drive traffic to your page

  • Orders placed are printed, packed and shipped by us

  • Every other month we send you your cut of the sales

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Brands-On-Demand Example Breakdown

  • We aim for you to be able to add at least 100% markup

    Merch is a great source of income so you want to be maximising your profit margin. We want you to be at least doubling your money if not more.

  • Higher quality garments than typical suppliers

    We’re fed up of scratchy, ill-fitting band tees so we use and suggest better quality garments that are still affordable but offer a consistent fit and don't shrink in the wash.

  • Larger catalogue of garments

    Other companies will offer 1 kind of tee and hoodie, we have access to thousands of garments so if you want acid wash, oversize, crop tops, battle jackets and more then we are happy to work with you on anything.

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Bulk-Buy Example Pricing